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Organic & Non-GMO Foods Shipped to Your Door





Healthy People
Healthy Future

Healthy People
Healthy Future

We know how hard it is to find food that is good tasting, nutritious, and healthy. We decided that it was about time there were other options available. With a strong emphasis on Organic and Regenerative Agriculture, we are working hard to improve our food and our environment. We offer several types of USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO foods including: popping corn, pinto beans, black beans, red beans, great northern beans, hard red spring wheat berries, purple barley, and much more.


organic beans variety box

Build your own variety pack of Organic Black Beans, Red Beans, Pinto Beans, and Great Northern Beans! When you do, you'll have four pounds of beans on hand, enough to feed a family for five days. You can get the variety pack for only $11.96 plus 2-day priority shipping.

I have cooked and eaten pinto beans for 50 years… Trust me these are the best beans ever!! And…the popcorn is delicious as well.

Amber S.

“I love the convenience of the bean medley and the aroma they put out.”

Allyson R. | 31

“I love the soaked hard wheat berries on my salads for extra texture and flavor.”

Christian G. | 37

“Sunday morning pancakes are the best with organic buckwheat flour because it’s gluten-free and the robust taste is unbelievable.”

Curtis Z. | 42

“My kitchen aide breezed through the NON-GMO hard red wheat making a perfect powdered flour.”

Amanda O. | 24

“Best corn chips I’ve ever made using the yellow corn. Family Favorite.”

Wanita J. | 37

“Organic Popcorn Popped with no issues and hardly any old maids.”

Pete T. | 54

“The pinto beans color and texture is the absolute best in my Gram’s chili recipe.”

Melanie H. | 26

“My favorite part of these here pinto beans is the fact that they have a nice, natural and fresh after taste.”

Ethan C. | 29

These Red Beans pack a real flavor punch.”

Jerry M. | 66

“Highlight of our camping trip was the popping fresh popcorn over an open fire. Memories that can’t be erased.”

Beth W. | 34



Improve Your Health

Organic products, like our organic popcorn, reduce public health risks to farm workers, their families, and customers by limiting their exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals on the farm and in food. Our organic foods give you the choice to buy food products without the use of toxins.

Get the Nutrition You Want

Not only does organic production help reduce public health risks, mounting evidence shows that food grown organically are rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus when compared to conventionally grown products.

Live a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Our mission is to make people happier and healthier through organic and non-GMO foods. With 1000 Springs Mill foods, you can know you're getting the healthiest foods for your family so you can lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Healthy people, Healthy future™!

Processed foods contribute to weight gain, unhealthiness, and even heart disease.

Ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat are often added to processed foods to make them taste more appealing, extend their shelf life, and in some cases to contribute to the food's structure, such as salt in bread or sugar in cakes.

Consuming processed foods often leads to people taking in more sugar, salt, and fat than is recommended because they're not aware of how much has been added to their food. This also leads to higher calorie intake.

Bulk Organic Popcorn


Finding the right food to eat is difficult as food gets more and more processed.


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Harvest Sale

To kickstart the season, we are running a Farm to Pantry Harvest Sale! Buy one 25lb bag of our Organic Popcorn or Spring/Winter Wheat Berries and get one 25lb bag free!

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Cook up some delicious, healthy meals for your family! Cooking at home is a great way to practice healthy, sustainable eating habits, especially when you're eating clean, tasty organic and non-GMO foods. Need a clean and tasty treat? Try our organic or non-gmo popcorn today.