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Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries

$8.99$57.99 available on subscription

We believe that you and your family deserve the best quality food, free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives, the way food was intended. We worked for 3 years so our soil could be cleaned of all pesticides and chemicals, leaving us with the healthiest product possible. We did this because we know how eating unhealthy foods can make you feel depleted and fatigued. You don’t have to settle anymore for unhealthy foods. With our products, you can grow together as a family. Thousand Springs Mill, Healthy People, Healthy Future.


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Wheat berries are great with fresh vegetables and dried fruit. They are perfect for milling fresh flour at home, cooking for a unique cereal, added to salads, or sprouting it for nutritious wheat grass.


USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. By focusing on healthy soil and regenerative agriculture, we offer nutritious food to ensure Healthy People. Healthy Future.


 Wheat berries benefit the health of your heart and bones, aids in weight loss, prevents anemia, promotes blood sugar control, and supports regularity. They are high in fiber, iron, and protein as well as magnesium and vitamin E, and low in calories and fat.


The slightly sweet, nutty flavor of wheat berries works well in both sweet and savory dishes. Wheat berries absorb some of the flavors from any dressing or sauce you serve them in as well.


Grown by third generation family farms in Buhl, Idaho, our organic and regenerative approaches to agriculture focus on improving our soil and reversing climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring soil biodiversity.