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Your day deserves this. This breakfast grain is more nutrient-dense, and has a rich flavor to set your day right. Pairing BarleyMax with locally roasted Brazilian coffee is one of the finest breakfast decisions you could make.

  • 2.5 x fibre of oats
  • 4 x resistant starch of most grains
  • 50% the Glycemic Index (GI) of oats
  • 35% less carbohydrates than oats
  • 70% less sodium than oats

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3 Beans Coffee – Brazilian Medium Roast

When you look around your local supermarket it’s easy to assume that the coffee you see on the shelves is fresh. This is usually far from true unless you’re buying from a coffee store that roasts their coffee beans.

Coffee beans are roasted, allowed to cool, shipped to a packaging company, from there, shipped to a distribution warehouse, and then shipped to the stores. By the time the beans reach your home they are months old.

That’s the problem, coffee beans begin to lose their flavor the moment they are roasted. Much of the flavor is found in volatile oils which begin to evaporate when they come into contact with air.

To experience the best flavor characteristics of coffee, the desired consumption time is within 30 days from the roast date.

That is why Three Beans Coffee prides itself on allowing you to experience the hidden flavors of freshly roasted coffee. We roast and ship it within the first week of the roast, and provide a roast date so you know they are freshly roasted coffee beans. We are locally owned and operated in the Magic Valley.


BARLEYmax® is a 100% natural whole grain superfood that contains 2x the dietary fibre of regular grains. Just a single 1 oz serving of BARLEYmax® flakes contains 14g of dietary fiber, or 50% of the standard daily recommended intake. This package contains 31 packets of BarleyMAX®, conveniently portioned into 1 oz serving sizes. That’s 31 full servings of your new favorite superfood!