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3 Beans Coffee – Brazilian Medium Roast


What is special about Brazilian coffee beans?

Brazil is the world’s leading grower and exporter of coffee beans. They’re

high-quality, distinctive beans with intense sweetness and low acidity. The

“Padrlioouro” name means Gold Standard in Portuguese.

Minas Gerais

In 2020,Minas Gerais was the largest producer of Arablca coffee with 74% of the national total. Minas Gerais lies within the mineralrich uplands known as the Brazilian Highlands, a hilly upland with an elevation of about 2,600 ft. The south of Minas Gerais is known for its coffee and milk production along with its mineral-water resorts.

About Three Beans

We are locally owned and operated out of the Magic Valley, with a combined 50 years of industry knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves in the freshness of our roasted beans with quick delivery, so you can enjoy perfection in every cup.

Region: Minas Gerais
Process: Pulped Natural
Elevation: 2,600 ft
Flavor Characteristics: Chocolate, peanut butter, slightly juicy

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When you look around your local supermarket it’s easy to assume that the coffee you see on the shelves is fresh. This is usually far from true unless you’re buying from a coffee store that roasts their coffee beans.

Coffee beans are roasted, allowed to cool, shipped to a packaging company, from there, shipped to a distribution warehouse, and then shipped to the stores. By the time the beans reach your home they are months old.

That’s the problem, coffee beans begin to lose their flavor the moment they are roasted. Much of the flavor is found in volatile oils which begin to evaporate when they come into contact with air.

To experience the best flavor characteristics of coffee, the desired consumption time is within 30 days from the roast date.

That is why Three Beans Coffee prides itself on allowing you to experience the hidden flavors of freshly roasted coffee. We roast and ship it within the first week of the roast, and provide a roast date so you know they are freshly roasted coffee beans. We are locally owned and operated in the Magic Valley.