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The story of 1,000 Springs Mill begins with two cousins, both organic farmers, who believe in being good stewards of the earth by ensuring healthy soil, healthy crops and healthy families. 

The Mason and Cornie families have been farming in Idaho’s Magic Valley for three generations. They have been pioneer partners in the local organic farming movement, focusing on healthy soil, thus healthy people, bringing forth a healthy future.

In 2014 Tim Cornie went on an extended vacation throughout Europe. As he traveled he was amazed by the local cuisine. Everything was local and fresh. Processed foods were no where to be found. The food was healthy, vibrant and delicious. On Tim’s journey home he began wondering why the American food offerings were so vastly different from the European cuisine. He thought about our industrial food system and how he could bring more nutrient dense foods to his family and community. He decided to do his part by offering healthy food to ensure Healthy People. Healthy Future.™

Through collaboration with Kurt 1,000 Springs Mill was formed, the mission being: Healthy People. Healthy Future.™ With a strong emphasis on Organic and Regenerative Agriculture, 1,000 Springs Mill improves our food and our environment.

From our family farms to your families table.


Our approach to agriculture has changed drastically over the past seventy years. The chemical surplus following the end of WWII led to the development of chemical based nutrients, pesticides, and herbicides. These products were relatively inexpensive, due to the surplus, and soon flooded the market. Farmers transitioned away from historical farming practices and embraced the new, easier way to farm. No longer did farmers have to worry about protecting and improving soil health. Rather, all they needed to do was spray their fields in order to provide their annual crops the needed nutrients for that growing season.

The emphasis on chemical based agriculture has had a disastrous side effect. We have killed our soil.

Healthy soil has many parts: Minerals, Organic Matter, Water, Air, and Microorganisms. As portions of this formula are reduced or removed, soil health decreases, resulting in a diminished amount of  nutrients available to crops grown.

Our Organic and Regenerative approaches to agriculture focus on improving our soil.  As organic farms we never use toxic chemicals such as glyphosate, and we never use GMOs. Rather, we work to create a healthy ecosystem that benefits and improves soil. This is done through the utilization of cover crops, crop rotations, and grazing of livestock.

As we improve the nutrient density in our soil, we improve the nutrient density in our food.

We can not take all the credit we have to bee thankful to the Bees and other beneficial insects and take note of their important role in healthy food production. Bees have been credited to pollinate approximately a third of our edible crop production. Sadly they are struggling worldwide, partly due to habitat loss and harmful chemicals. With that said we bee-lieve we can do our part  and help by not using chemicals that harm beneficial insects and the health benefits of food. We care about the health of the bees, the planet you, your family, thus Healthy People ~ Healthy Future.


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