Number One Priority: Healthy People, Healthy Future

Here at 1000 Springs Mill our number one priority is healthy people, healthy future. We have chosen to be organic farmers because of that. Changing from conventional farming to organic farming is not just an overnight thing. We plant seeds that are not genetically modified. We do not use synthetic chemicals. This is something that has taken us at least three years on each of our farms.

After you have adopted your organic farming practices, you are then assigned a USDA inspector. Our USDA inspector is really making sure that we are in compliance with our organic farming practices so we can put that seal on our bags and that we can be proud to be USDA organic farmers. Soil health is really important to us. Number one reason being, when you plant a healthy seed in healthy soil it creates a healthy crop and then you can create a healthy product for your consumers, which is most important to us. With that being said, it is very important that we keep healthy soil because the USDA regulates our soil health and that is how we keep our USDA organic certificate.

To our family here at 1000 Springs Mill, organic doesn’t just mean being able to but the USDA organic seal on our bags at the grocery store. It’s the whole life cycle of planting the healthy seed, in the healthy soil, all the way to your dinner table where you are putting healthier, organic food into your body. That is why our motto here at 1000 Springs Mill is Healthy People, Healthy Future.