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What is BARLEYmax?

BARLEYmax™ is a complete whole grain that has a ton of nutritional benefits! This barley grain has a significantly superior nutritional profile compared to many other commercially available grains.

A single serving of BARLEYmax™ contains 2x the fiber and 4x the resistant starch of most other commercial grains!

More Fast Nutrition Facts

BARLEYmax™ has a ton of other nutritional benefits!

  • Resistant starch: this prebiotic fiber helps fuel good gut bacteria
  • Soluble fiber: this fiber slows down carbohydrate digestion
  • B-glucan: this soluble fiber reduces cholesterol absorption
  • Insoluble fiber: helps improve overall bowel function
1000 Springs Mill BarleyMAX™ box.

Bowl filled with BarleyMAX™ grains.

What is BARLEYmax?

The ways you can use BARLEYmax™ are virtually limitless!
This versatile superfood can be used in any meal to:

  • Replace your everyday grains such as oatmeal, rice, or cereal
  • Boost fiber levels in smoothies, dips, and soups
  • Replace granola in energy bars, parfaits, and other snacks
  • Help bind together meatballs and burgers, OR to replace meat
  • Add flavor and texture to homemade bread, cookies, and other baked goods